Tourism In South Sudan

Located in the east of Africa, South Sudan became an independent country in 2011 after breaking away from Sudan. South Sudan split with 10 southern most states, which are homes to over 60 different major ethnic groups. Currently, it is one of Africa’s most diverse countries with lots of virgin and untouched beauty.

Why South Sudan?

This is probably the most common question about South Sudan. The fact that the country has faced so many difficulties, many assume it’s not worth it, however it’s that naivety of the people, the “backwardness” that makes South Sudan an incredibly interesting destination to explore.

This youngest country in the world, only formed in 2011, is healing from the genocide, civil war, corruption, massive poverty and the so many bad things that happened to it. Tourism is a whole new thing in the country and it has several beauties to uncover to the world, and here are some of the things you can do in South Sudan

Juba City. The city is fast growing with the oil revenue sales that the government is using to develop it. Numerous investors from different countries are putting up high quality facilities; surely in the next few years Juba will have healed from the poor infrastructure and diseases. The city is starting to lose count on the number of entertainment spot s set up here, the once sleepy Juba is totally transforming into a “one never sleeping Kampala city in Uganda”

National parks in South Sudan.

South Sudan has six beautiful national parks hosting a number of habitats like rainforests, grasslands, and gallery forests to wetlands. From the Southern National Park, Shambe National Park, Nimule National Park, Lantonto National Park, Boma National Park to Bandingilo National Park. The parks are homes to different wildlife species like Sudan Cheetahs, Nubian giraffes, buffaloes, white eared kobs, leopards, lions, reptiles, different flora species.

Diverse cultures in South Sudan.

The country has 64 different tribes and each tribe with its different beliefs, dress code, cattle rearing skills, staple food, skull cuttings and so many other differences. Meeting a Mundari, Dinka or Toposa man, all smeared with cattle dang to freshly protect his skin from the hot sun, with his fore head cuttings, it’s such a beauty to behold. Some of the tribes are the Mundari, Toposa, Dinka, Nuer, larim Lotuko and many others.

Kingdoms of South Sudan. Two of the country’s biggest kingdoms, Shiluk and Azande kingdom are a must visit while in South Sudan. The cultures, beliefs, religion discipline are too amazing to be missed. There are also numerous chiefdoms in the country and all these small groups of South Sudanese are just beautiful to behold.

Accommodation in South Sudan.

Though South Sudan is not so infrastructure, you cannot fail to get a really good hotel in Juba city, whether a 4 star or budget lodge, you cannot fail to get. However, outside Juba city, accommodation might be hard, and camping is literary the only option for tourists, and this is the whole adventure that all travelers seek on trips to South Sudan.

Best time to visit South Sudan.

The best time to visit South Sudan is between April to November because it’s always a dry season, however even the rains in the country are not the scary ones, you can still visit the country any time.

We can plan your perfect trip in South Sudan, covering all the destination dreams that you are chasing and even go beyond expectations.