What to consider before traveling to South Sudan?

What to consider before traveling to South Sudan?

There is no doubt that South Sudan is a beautiful country to explore. Anytime of the year, you can hit the country for any tourism activity you desire. Visit the four national parks in South Sudan that are homes to a number of different wildlife species from lions, buffaloes, elephants, waterbucks and so many others to several bird species.

Not to forget that South Sudan is the newest nation in Africa, it’s still healing from so many uncertainties. It’s one country that is still a little behind in terms of development, tourism facilities are still lacking, roads not fully constructed, but already the world can’t wait to explore it because of the magnificence that South Sudan harbors.

While travelling to South Sudan there are a few things you need to consider before packing your bags. Unlike Uganda or other East African countries, this is a country where tourists can’t just go on a self-drive and go off to the unbeaten roads without any guidance. Anytime you think of a South Sudan tour, consider these below.

Security in South Sudan. However much the country has been affected with several civil wars, that most literature states it’s not a safe country. South Sudan has moved from this state, though we highly recommend that anytime you are travelling to the country, book with a tour operator. The ground tour operators will help you book a local tour guide, South Sudanese are hospitable people but they are more welcoming when taken around with a Sudanese guide. You will be safe.

Food and water hygiene. Practicing good food and water hygiene reduces the risk of getting several travelers infections. Outside Juba, South Sudan doesn’t have a lot of piped water, so it’s advisable your travel with your drinking water or buy just packed water. Don’t just eat anything you find being sold on the streets, not everything is good for your body, rather use your guide as much as possible to help you and there every now and then.

Sun safety. Don’t forget that South Sudan is a semi-arid area, the sun here can be too much sometimes. Yes, the sun is good and can be beneficial to the body when it creates more vitamin D and the general wellbeing, but the excessive sun can be having some bad effects like sunburn, premature skin ageing and some rashes. So it’s advisable that every time you head for a south Sudan tour, carry some sun glasses, huts or caps and sun screen to smear on your body.

Other things you can look into while considering a South Sudan tour, you need to have a visa which your tour operator can assist in getting it. You need to have insect repellants, light clothes, a camera to take nice photos if interested.

In case of a customized trip and what you would need for a trip, we can help you plan your ultimate safari to South Sudan seamlessly.