Luxury Tours In South Sudan

Travelling to South Sudan can be as adventurous more than any neighboring country you think about. This involves serious arrangements and preparedness on the side of the visitor. Tourism in South Sudan is expensive so if you are one person who enjoys luxury tours then this has to be your next spot.

First you need to book with a trusted tour operator who can help you organize your trip to and within the country. This must also include a local guide to connect you more with the community. The road network is quite poor in South Sudan especially in rural areas, so using any means of transport while travelling to the countryside is not advisable; leave the tour operator to make transport arrangements on your behalf. Accommodation is always the center of a luxury tour, with Juba developing at a stead-fast speed there are different luxury hotels to think of if you wish to have a luxury trip to South Sudan.

Luxury hotels in South Sudan

If you’re looking at having a luxurious kind of accommodation then think more of Juba city and the other big cities because the countryside isn’t yet developed to have such yet as perfect accommodation remains around the big cities at the moment. There are various hotels for which you may choose what may be the best alternative to have a perfect holiday.

Hotel Nile Resort

This is one of the oldest hotels in Juba and a perfect accommodation for many international tourists who visit the country. The Hotel is close to the White Nile giving one a perfect beautiful view of the white waters. You remain connected to the world with the hotel having free WIFI in all its rooms, an advanced and accommodative restaurant that serves rice, chapatti and Indian bread. The hotel always has live band performances over the weekend for the guests with all sorts of drinks both local and international served.

The cost of a single room is around $80 and a double room at around $120 but with an option of renting self-contained rooms on a monthly basis at an agreed fee. There is also room for setting up tents at the hotel premises in case you’re travelling on a budget.

Hotel VIP

This hotel is close to offering what your expectations of a luxury hotel can offer. The hotel is located at one of the busiest streets of Juba which gives you a perfect feeling of an African country and urban setting plus a rare view of the city. Hotel VIP has a restaurant offering a variety both local and international of foods, a bar where visitors join to drink and dance with drinks from different parts of the world available. In addition to that, the hotel has wireless internet which can be accessed in all rooms, it has a massage parlor and a hair dressing salon.

If compared to other hotels within Juba, Hotel VIP has far better facilities and provides far better accommodation services compared to other hotels in Juba with most of the staff being Ethiopian. The hotel always has entertainment in the evening with Ethiopian dancers who keep charming the guests, the entertainment also includes live music. A room at Hotel VIP can be at around $120 a night and this includes breakfast too.

Pyramid Continental Hotel

Located at Nimule Street, this hotel gives a perfect definition of a luxury hotel as its oneof the few 5 - star hotels in Juba with spacious and comfortable rooms. The hotel has restaurant that provides you with a world class dining experience, a true definition of spa with the best state of the art wellness and fitness facilities plus Wi-Fi connectivity to all rooms. The hotel has rooms that fit in different budgets but with a price range between $225 to $264.

Radisson Blue Hotel

If all you need is a perfect 5 - star hotel then think of no other. Located in Juba, this hotel is a 10 minutes’ drive away from Juba International Airport. The hotel offers every kind of service you could expect from a super high end hotel including health club, dining services, a modern gym and a spacious outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi among others. The rooms at the hotel are around $249 to $320 per night.

Riviera Business Hotel

Located in Juba, the hotel can provide you with a perfect experience of luxury tour with a wide range of services provided including a modern restaurant where guest can be served with continental meals, free parking space, a bar and an outdoor swimming pool. In addition to this, they provide airport transportation and free Wi-Fi to all rooms. A room at Riviera Business Hotel is about $199 for a night.