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The African Encounters leads unique safaris in Uganda, South Sudan and the whole of East Africa. The extreme beauty of our people with their cultures, wildlife and communities, we share it with our guests through our immersive safaris that top most of the travelers bucket lists. Trips they spend a lifetime daydreaming about, saving for, and eventually splurging on, this type of adventure where we go beyond your wildest dreams, is exactly what we offer since 2014.

From the little pink plumed flamingos, big cats to the giant gorillas, you have always dreamt of Africa’s wildlife years now. We map your safari to get you up close to the most elusive of wildlife, however wildlife is just a beginning to the very many wonders that nature positioned in the country. We tailor your safari to all experiences you are chasing after, from the authentic cultural interactions to the unforgettable places

Whether you are looking for the thrill of a rewarding gorilla trekking experience, an exciting cultural immersion, or experiencing the warmth of driving through extensive savannah grasslands, we can guide you on an adventure you will never forget. There are many adventures that await you in Uganda and south Sudan with The African Encounters

30% of our clientele are repeat travelers who come year in year out because of the “We couldn’t have worked with a better group of people” experiences that we offer. Our local guides are friendly, informative, and efficient enough to make sure your entire trip goes smoothly.

Where would you want to go, we do all round East African trips to South Sudan, Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya and beyond to the Central African Republic. We do the planning, you do the packing.

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