4 Days Kahuzi-Biega Gorillas and Nyungwe Chimps

Trip overview

The best adventure of a lifetime has just occurred. a 4-day excursion to the forest, where lowland mountain gorillas and chimpanzees live, the closest living relatives of humans. The trip takes you to two nations: the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, all in the east of Africa.

You can track chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest National Park and eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi- Biega National Park with the assistance of a knowledgeable driver-guide. The tour starts and ends in Rwanda's capital of Kigali.

Detailed trip

Day 1: Kigali to Nyungwe Forest National Park

Upon arrival, meet and greet our company's driver/guide, who will accompany you for the duration of your 4-day chimpanzee trekking trip in Kahusi, Bienga, and Nyungwe. Before heading to Nyungwe National Park, a location beloved and revered by chimpanzees, it will be time for tea or a glass of juice.

A drive to the park gives breathtaking views of countryside's rolling hills, lush foliage, and lovely traditional headgear. You will arrive, check in, and settle in for lunch and some downtime at the lodge. Last are dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Chimpanzee trekking and Transfer to Kahuzi-Biega NP

After breakfast, you'll spend time with your favorite meal—chimpanzees—listening to their sounds, taking pictures of them, and watching them interact. The DNA of chimpanzees is 98 percent similar to that of humans. They demonstrate their wisdom by employing strategies like utilizing grass to pick up ants and two sticks as a fork when eating. Following a lunch break, you will spend an hour with the chimpanzees in their habitat. Recognize the many trees, chimpanzee nests, and other creatures that are there. Following the informative seminar, you will have lunch and then leave.

Transfer to Kahuzi-Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is home to the endangered eastern lowland gorillas. Dinner and a sound slumber will bring the day to a close.

Day 3: Lowland Gorilla trekking tour

Start your day in the lodge with a large cup of coffee, then gather your gear and put on your trekking clothes. After that, proceed to the park entrance for a pre-tour briefing exercise and document inspection by the ranger guides. They do go through the dos and don'ts of trekking, and they help your preferred family track with the aid of the ranger guides. These apes can be located after 2 to 6 hours of searching based on their last known location.

Eastern lowland gorillas are social creatures that live in families led by a dominant silverback who makes sure that everyone in the family is secure and content. Once you've found them, you'll have an hour to snap pictures and ask questions before you have to leave to go back to the lodge for lunch and refreshments. You'll take some time to unwind and take in the sound of the birds later. Variety of flora, and the cool atmosphere. The day's activities end with dinner and bedtime.

Day 4: Departure

Following your morning meal, you will travel in a picturesque vehicle for four to six hours to the Kigali international airport, stopping along the way for lunch. It will be a delight to see the historical sites and the earliest expanding commercial areas once you arrive in the city.

End of safari