5 Days Nile and Plain Tribes of South Sudan

The 5 Days Nile and Plain Tribes of South Sudan start in Juba city, then take you to Mundari, Kapoeta and Toposa tribe communities. These are 5 massive days that duck you into South Sudan tribes like no other package

Day 1: Arrival in Juba – Mundari (1h)

Arrival at Juba International airport. Lunch in a restaurant near the White Nile and visit to Konyo Konyo market. In the afternoon, drive to a Mundari cattle camp. Meet the tribal leaders and observe the magical arrival of the long horned Ankole cows to their resting place.

Day 2: Mundari - Juba – Kapoeta (7h)

Breakfast. Early morning photos of waking up of Mundari tribe and their sacred long horned cattle before they leave for grazing. Drive to Kapoeta, East Equatoria’s Far West style capital. Reach the city and meet first Toposa tribal people.

Day 3: Kapoeta – Toposa Tribe (2h)

After breakfast, we will drive to a traditional Toposa community out of Kapoeta. Drive to a remote Toposa region to meet the people in their ‘boma’ –fenced village-. Reach the tribe and meet the elders and local chief. Welcome ceremony and tour around the village. Toposa belong to the Ateker Nation that includes the Turkana in Northern Kenya, the Karamajong in Northern Uganda, and the Nyangatom in Ethiopia. Their economy depends entirely on cattle. In remote areas, Toposa women still dress skin beaded skirts of great beauty and scarify their faces and bodies. After the visit to several Toposa villages, we will return back to Kapoeta for the night.

Day 4: Kapoeta – Larim Tribe – Torit (4h)

Breakfast. Drive to Didinga territory and reach Camp 15, a market place where Didinga and Larim tribes meet every day to commerce and gossip. Meet local authorities and drive to Boya Hills, a special area for plant lovers (many rare species). Larim people number a few thousand individuals living on the foot of Boya Hills (they descended from the top around 20 years ago looking for better pastures for the cattle and to get near the water points –scarce in the region-). Larim scarify their bodies and faces, pierce nose, ears and lips and smoke nicely carved wood and metal pipes. It is a rich culture and its symbol are the unique houses built in wood and adobe, and decorated with snail shells and drawings. After the visit, drive to Torit town for the night.

Day 5: Torit – Juba (2h)

Breakfast. Drive to Juba. Arrival and pick PCR test result (not necessary to go to laboratory – cost 100 USD). Last visits (John Garang Memorial, artisan market, and old town with a few colonial buildings from British period). At the appointed time, transfer to the airport. Flight back home.