7 Days Thrilling Rwanda Safari


Your seven-day journey in the Republic of Rwanda will be a memorable one thanks to the country's scenic beauty, clean air, variety of wildlife, friendliness, and other factors. The Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Burundi and the Republic of Tanzania are neighbors to this magical East African nation of Rwanda.

Enjoy the delicious food, excellent accommodation, safari vehicle and more over the seven days of adventure. In the national parks of Nyungwe, Volcanoes and Akagera, you will do chimpanzee trekking, gorilla trekking, and go on a wildlife drive. One of the cleanest cities on the African continent, Kigali is where the safari begins and ends.

Detailed trip

Day 1: Kigali city to Akagera National Park

Our company driver guide will be happy to give you a briefing on what to watch out for from the beginning to the end of your stay in the "Land of A Thousand Hills" Rwanda after you have enjoyed the fresh taste of African coffee/juice upon arrival. Depending on the number of stops and the speed, a drive to Akagera National Park, the only savannah park containing the five big cats, takes about 3-5 hours.

Rich foliage, scattered homesteads, and more indicate the route to be taken. In the afternoon, arrive at your lodge, check in, and eat lunch. Your supper is immediately followed by a restful nap at the lodge.

Day 2: Game drive and Boat cruise

Start your day off with a strong cup of coffee, then go on a 3- to 4-hour game drive across the lush savannah grassland. You can spot elephants, buffalo, elands, zebras, lions, hyenas, giraffes, and other animals in the Akagera savannah. Finding these prey and predators is purely a matter of chance, especially when they are actively feeding, mating, or hunting. Before taking a lunch break, you will enjoy some fruits in the jungle.

After lunch, take a short break to clear your head before embarking on a two-hour boat tour on Lake Ihema. Among other things here, you can enjoy seeing herds of hippos, crocodiles and other aquatic creatures. Return to the lodge for dinner and a restful siesta around dusk.

Day 3: Akagera National Park to Nyungwe NP

After a cup of coffee to start the day, travel from Akagera National Park to Nyungwe National Park, which is home to around 13 different kinds of primates. You may ascend a canopy at Nyungwe National Park, one of only a few on the continent of Africa and go chimpanzee trekking.

The King’s Palace will be your pit break for lunch and cultural interaction. The remainder of the park is fun and secure. Dinner and a restful siesta at the lodge mark the end of the day.

Day 4: Chimpanzee trekking and Canopy walk

You will embark on a 2- to 5 hours chimpanzee trekking adventure in the park after enjoying a delicious breakfast at the lodge. Before accompanying you through the jungle, the ranger guides will give you a briefing on the dos and don'ts of trekking. Chimpanzees, monkeys, baboons, birds, forest creatures and more can all be found in this forest. There is a good chance that they will find you as they seek out your cuisines. You are given an additional hour after finding the apes to take pictures and learn about the chimpanzees' unusual lifestyle.

Chimpanzee trekking is followed by a break for lunch and a walk in the forest on a canopy. You may take in the breathtaking scenery, birds and primates in the treetops, and more. food and a night's sleep to cap off your day.

Day 5: Transfer to Volcanoes National Park

After a hearty breakfast at the lodge, you'll check out and go out on the road to the endangered mountain gorillas' habitat, which is a lush tropical forest in Africa near the Virunga mountains range. Mountain gorillas are one of man's closest living cousins. There are rolling hills, lush foliage, and other natural features throughout the road trip's picturesque route. Arrive at your lodge, settle in, and wrap out the day with dinner and a restful nap.

Day 6: Gorilla Trekking

Start your day with a soul-filling breakfast, followed by packed lunch while dressed for a hike and prepared to observe apes up close. They have enormous bodies, 98 percent human-like genes, and are exclusively found in Africa, in the immense tropical jungle of the Virunga mountain ranges. They travel to new home regions every day in their families, led by a huge dominant silverback. You will follow the unique species across the deep forest's peaks and valleys.

Depending on the distance and route followed, it takes anywhere from one to seven hours to find them. An additional hour is needed for photography, close observation of their interactions, and other activities. Take lunch break after spending time with the apes, and then spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the gardens until it's time for dinner and a nap.

Day 7: Depart to Kigali city

After savoring the morning meal, check out of the resort and make your way to the airport or another pre-arranged drop-off location. Depending on your flight schedule, you can take advantage of a free city tour of Kigali where you can learn about the local culture and shop for gifts while also visiting historical landmarks like Kigali Genocide Memorial center. At the predetermined drop-off location, these 7 days safari will end successfully.

End of safari