South Sudan is the youngest country in both Africa and World over having gained its independence in 2011 from Sudan. Also referred to as Southern Sudan, South Sudan is a landlocked country located in Eastern Africa sharing borders with Sudan in the North, Uganda in the South, Ethiopia in the East, Democratic Republic of Congo in South-West and Central African Republic (C.A.R) in West. South Sudan is one of the countries that create passage to the world’s longest river, the Nile alongside Uganda, Sudan and Egypt, forming a very crucial part of tourism in South Sudan.

The White Nile, a part of R. Nile has a section of it known as Bahr al-Jabal which led to a vast wetland region within South Sudan, referred to as the Sudd. South Sudan has over the years become a very great tourism destination for visitors from countries all over the world due to the different tourism destinations. The Sudd is at the axis of tourism in South Sudan and is also home to different tour activities alongside the lush savannah and rainforests that provide habitat to numerous species of wildlife.

History of South Sudan.

South Sudan was part of Sudan from the time of independence from British administration in 1956 until their split in 2011 after gross conflicts to have Southern Sudan as an independent state. The original Sudan came to fall under the British colony after the invasion of Muhammed Ali in 1820 who was a viceroy of Egypt that was under the control of Ottoman Empire at the time. With this, many people in the Southern Sudan became subjects to slave trade.

After the collapse of Ottoman Empire, Sudan fell into the hands of British under the British Egyptian Empire, hence British control spreading in all parts. However, they faced too much resistance from the South.

South Sudan is made up of different ethnic groups including the Dinka who take the largest part, Nuer, the Bari, Shilluk, Zande, Anwak and a small population of Arabs. All these groups have their own languages and with some cutting across different ethnic groups.

However, the official language in South Sudan is English while Dinka and Arabic are commonly spoken languages. The population in South Sudan is predominantly Christian including Catholics, Presbyterian and Anglicans with some small population attesting to Islam.

Best safari destinations in South Sudan.

South Sudan has most of the safari attractions in the countryside which gives a perfect adventure of the exact roots of an African safari tour. Among the many safari attractions, here are some of the best:

Boma National Park.

    Alongside Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Boma National Park is believed to be the other park that receives largest annual wildlife migration all over the world bringing thousands of mammals into the park.

    This makes it one of the best national parks in Africa and world over that one shouldn’t miss out on their South Sudan tour. Other than its vast wildlife, various species of vegetation and savannah plains create a perfect scenery for wildlife sighting, photography and filming.

    Profusion of wildlife to find in this park include African leopards, buffaloes, Northeast African Cheetahs, the Grant’s gazelles, Nubian Giraffes, Maneless Zebra among others. The park is also home to various bird species for any visitors on bird watching safaris.

    Southern National Park.

      The park is reported to have been founded in 1939 with emphasis of protecting some wildlife species that were close to extinction. The park has three rivers that pass through, including Sue River, Maridi River and Ibba River which flows through the center making the park a habitat for aqua fauna.

      The park is habitat to different wildlife species with mammals such as African buffalo, the Northern White Rhino, Reedbuck, and Hartebeests, etc.

      Ez Zeraf Game Reserve

        This could be one of the areas that have a large concentration of wildlife, however it’s more famous for being habitat to hippos and some crocodiles. Cutting through Sudd wetland, the game reserve receives seasonal floods though its grasslands and rainforests to the extent that navigating through these forests is done on canoes. This area is very important being a world conservation center.

        Shambe National Park

          Shambe National Park is an extension of the Ez Zeraf Game reserve making it a one of the best tourism destination having various species of wildlife. When you visit Shambe National Park, you expect to see Ostriches, Giraffes, lions, gazelles among others. The park is also good for birding as its habitat to numerous bird species.

          There are other tourism destinations including Random National Park, Nimule National Park, Kidepo Game Reserve, Bandingilo National Park, among others.

          Juba town

            Capital cities of all countries are a must have on travelers’ bucket list since they are usually among the busiest towns in respective countries and usually have well protection and are generally safe compared to other areas.

            Travelers can embark on a city drive or walking tour with beautiful stop overs to sight various sites that add beauty to the city like Juba stadium, main mosque, various market places like Konyo Konyo market, all saints’ Cathedral and other wondrous sceneries that are exhilarating to Juba city visitors.

            South Sudan tribes

              Tourists in love with cultural practices should visit South Sudan before its hair-rising cultural practices are long forgotten and in extinction. The country has numerous tribes whose camps can be of a life-changing adventure like Shilluk, Zande, Nuer, Mundari and Dinka. With various cultural practices presented by each tribe, stunning views are ventured in when a cultural safari ensues to Mundari and Dinka cattle camps because of their fascinating practices, including facial sacrifices, in-depth attachment to their cattle and wondrous practices like bathing cow urine and cow dung.

              Tourist activities in South Sudan.

              Various destinations in South Sudan make clear of the tourism activities that are available in this country. The various national parks and game reserves are good for wildlife safaris, birding is another activity due to the thousands of bird species inhabiting different national parks.

              Meet and mingle with different tribes and communities.

                Astonishing ethnic groups prevail and constitute South Sudan, therefore tourists can venture on a safari close to one of the tribes that include Dinka, Nuer, Munduri and interact with communities, watch breath-taking plays like wrestling, listen to women narrating stories while they weave, cook and look after the household among others.

                Visit the cattle camps.

                  Most tribes in the country are nomads who find it realistic to get involved in demanding hikes along the banks of River Nile during dry seasons. Tourists can spend a night and day with the Dinkas or Munduri tribes to participate in cattle grazing experiences and get up-close with cultural practices undertaken in the camps.

                  While the days are for grazing the magnificent cattle herds, the nights are for ensuring togetherness between families and their cattle which is a peculiar experience that tourists can venture into while they choose South Sudan for their safari expeditions.

                  White water rafting along River Nile.

                    The longest river overjoys all the countries it flows through because it provides unbeaten opportunities to each country and South Sudan is one that has ventured into a new and adrenaline rising activity on its white waters that involves getting splashes of waters, facing various rapids and fears that come as a result of pondering about sharing the same grounds with gigantic hippos, fish species and a lot more water species.

                    Game drives in South Sudan.

                      Rays of light filtered through pairs of binoculars are met in a quest to sight a variety of the wilderness components like lions, cheetahs, elephants, antelopes, buffaloes and other species like birds at the comfort of a safari land cruiser. This can be done in all the national parks and game reserves found in the country.


                        Keeping memories is one of the outstanding ventures that tourists can get at the climax of their safari therefore tourists can acquire filming permits and explore interesting places that are wide spread throughout the country.

                        Tourists in love with watching king of the jungle will definitely take filming safaris in Southern National park but the country offers various filming sites including Mbarizunga game reserve, Ashana game reserve and other parks that permit filming tours in South Sudan.

                        Boat cruises

                          No other river in the world has gotten long and fine cruises like the longest river in the world. River Nile offers captivating and fine sceneries to visitors who agree to watching sentinels of trees, picturesque villages, wildlife as they enjoy all that and more at the comfort brought by the tranquil and harmonious waters of River Nile.

                          Hiking safaris in South Sudan.

                            South Sudan is basically known as a flat and low-lying country since most of its areas are constituted in the Nile valley but panoramic views of the area can be surveyed when tourists venture into climbing mountains like imatong ranges, torit, pibor, Akoko among others.

                            When to Visit South Sudan?

                            Visiting South Sudan is best during dry season since the heavy rains usually make connecting to different remote destinations quite hard. South Sudan is a young country with a road network that isn’t so good upcountry. This therefore means it is best that you plan to visit South Sudan during the dry season.

                            One of the best wildlife attractions in South Sudan is the migration of wildlife from Sudd region to Boma National Park and back which happens in the months of March and April, then November and December respectively.

                            There is a cross change in the climate of South Sudan. Seasons are also changing, so one should consider asking a local tour operator as they make a choice of taking a safari in South Sudan.

                            What to carry for South Sudan Safari?

                            When visiting South Sudan, consider carrying the basic necessities such as thick and light clothes, sturdy shoes, binoculars, and a good camera for pictures. Depending on your personal needs, you can also carry a few more things to fit your fantancies.

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