The year 2023 is for creating your top most incredible travel moments at the best places to visit in south Sudan. Guess you are wondering why we are persuasive about a South Sudan tour in 2023.

Naming the best time to travel to South Sudan might be a little taunting as the country can be explored throughout the year. From January to December, travelers keep on storming the country for the exceptional unique and authentic African encounters South Sudan offers.

If you want to explore South Sudan and feel it from a South Sudanese perspective, 2023 is the best time. You will literally be uncovering a roller coaster of experiences, now that the world has just fully opened to all travel deals. This is the time when almost all experiences and destinations in South Sudan are still authentic since the country is still a new state only formed in 2011.

Not just one, two or three, there are dozens of tourist destinations to visit in South Sudan this 2023. Whether it’s a road trip with friends, solo trip, an African encounter with a spouse or a family getaway, this is a perfect year to visit South Sudan

Here is a list of the best places to visit in South Sudan in 2023

Juba city. This is South Sudan’s capital with a very long story to tell. Standing at the bends of the White Nile River in the southern region of the country, the city was founded in 1922. It started just as an outstanding trading centre. On its construction by the Greeks, they intended to establish regular caravan routes in East Africa and all British colonies. The city has several spots to visit, the museum, local markets, the Nile, chill out places and others

Boma national park. Arguments are still going on between environmentalists and naturalists whether Boma national park has either the largest or second largest annual land mammal migration in the world after Serengeti National park in Tanzania. But whether you come to the animal migration or not, be rest assured that you will have a memorable experience at the park. Boma national park is home to numerous wildlife species like zebras, cheetahs, gazelles, elephants, kobs and others.

Bandigilo Park. This is a great place to explore while on a South Sudan safari. Most tourists here come to witness the great annual migration of the white eared kob. The park is widely spread on the stretches at outskirts of the White Nile River. The park habits the Nubian giraffes, elephants and other numerous wildlife species.

Cattle camps and markets. The cattle being of an economic and symbolic value, cows are looked after for many hours a day in an attempt to make more wealth. At the cattle camps you mostly find young boys taking care of the cattle since that’s their order of the day from a very young ages. The most popular cattle camps are the Dinka cattle camp and Mundari cattle camp.

Kidepo Game Reserve. This is an extension of the only true African; Kidepo valley national park in Uganda. The reserve is situated in the southern part of the country and homes several wildlife species like the cobs, elephants, buffaloes, gazelles, antelopes and others. The human friendly nature of animals in the reserve is the real pull of most travelers here. Travelers here have had real up-close encounters with elephants and defassa waterbucks plus other herbivores in the reserve.

The White Nile. The White Nile is Africa’s longest river and second longest in the world. Located just at the outskirts of Juba town, there are several activities done on the Nile. Most travelers have done white water rafting here due to the several rapid that the river stage has in Juba. Other activities along the Nile are a boat cruise, sunset viewing, camping and others. Anytime in Juba, don’t miss out the White Nile.

South Sudan is amazingly beautiful to explore with very many other places to visit. We organise completely successful and fun South Sudan tours, tailored to your personal needs of the safari. Your only role in the whole planning process and tripping, is to give us the dates and packing. We do the rest of the work for you.