Juba City

Juba City, South Sudan

Though less known in terms of Tourism, South Sudan is slowly emerging as a unique tourist destination in Africa. The fact that the country has vast oil reserves, it’s observed that the country will eventually develop several facilities and the necessary infrastructures to market tourism in South Sudan. A South Sudan tour to Juba city is well worth it.

South Sudan is characterized with two weather seasons with a lot of rainfall between May and October then followed by a dry season, so it’s literally a destination you can visit throughout the year.

As much as South Sudan is the world’s youngest nation, it has various tourist attractions. More than 2 national parks with over 50 different animal species, extensive savanna grasslands, amazing cultural experiences and several other attractions beautiful to the eyes, but there is Juba city not to miss out.

Juba is a fast growing city that any tourist will definitely appreciate. A good number of facilities have been put up by investors from different countries. The government is also steadfastly developing Juba with the revenues from the oil sale revenues. Several happening hotspots are built, changing the once dormant Juba to a never sleeping city in Africa.

One of the most magnificent features you shouldn’t miss on any South Sudan tour to juba is the White Nile. This is part of the Nile River, Africa’s longest, with its source in Uganda the pearl of Africa. The Nile River goes through 4 African countries, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt. Juba is strategically located on both sides of the Nile, a number of bars and restaurants have been built along the river for the visitors to enjoy the beautiful views and the ambience.

On a Juba city tour, also visit the John Garang Mausoleum. John Garang was a former leader of the South Sudan Liberation campaign. John Garang died in a helicopter crash as he was moving back to South Sudan from Uganda where he was attending a meeting .He died just before their independence that he had fought for, for so many years with the Sudanese government forces for liberation.

Still in Juba you can hike or bike to the top of Jebel Kunjur. Here you are able to have amazing views of the Juba city and the sunset. After the hectic hike to the top, have refreshments at the Jebel Lounge before you visit the Tomb of Jubek that is said to have spiritual spirits before where people would go to worship and also request for what they wanted.

While in Juba city, several tourists also walk on the streets of the city, through the Juba markets, nothing you can fail to get here, though art pieces and crafts are the commonest merchandise displayed here. Carry some beautiful souvenirs back home, made in South Sudan, something to keep your memories on even long after the trip is done. Surely, visit South Sudan, visit Juba city.