Sudd wetland in South Sudan

Sudd wetland in South Sudan.

Wetlands are unique ecosystems that house different terrestrial and aquatic wildlife species. The fact that South Sudan is popularly known as a semi-arid country, one might be wondering whether there are wetlands in this young country. Well, the answer is definitely a yes.

Much as South Sudan Tours expose you to various beautiful wonders that nature positioned in the country, from the six national parks that are homes to over 200 different wildlife species, the immersive cultural experiences and the town experiences in currently Africa’s fastest growing city; Juba plus other exciting activities.

There are still some uncovered beauties that the country prides in. If you have been one the so many tourists who wonder what to see on their South Sudan tours beyond wildlife and South Sudan tribes, here we introduce o the Sudd Wetland.

The Sudd Wetland is one of Africa’s largest flood plains and still among the world’s largest tropical wetlands. Forming part of the White Nile or the Bahr-El-Jebel River system which originates from the African lakes Plateau, Sudd wetland is a heavenly place to visit.

Sudd’s wetland ecosystem is one that is characterized with mineral soils with poor drainage and its plant life is dominated by trees forming a beautiful scenery to watch.

Sudd wetland is the best spot for bird watching in South Sudan. Most of the tourists to South Sudan visit the wetland for birding tours. You can spot more than 100 bird species here on your birding Tour. You will spot the white-faced whistling-duck, red billed duck, mallard, Nob billed duck, blue billed teal, Garganey, Egyptian goose, Ruddy shelduck, Southern pochard and others.

Bird watching here can be done on trails, walking through the mugged trails, sometimes even sliding into the mud or on canoes. You have a local experience on the locally made canoes out of timber by the South Sudanese.

Another common activity at Sudd wetland is scenery viewing. The view here is totally splendid, some parts covered with water, others with mud, some with water plants and others with plants. It’s too beautiful to the eyes for the memory to forget.

Remember there are other destinations that you can complement with the visit to the Sudd wetland. The six national parks that are wildlife hubs, the South Sudan tribes, Juba city which is currently Africa’s fastest growing city and several other attractions.

Do you want to try out a South Sudan Tour? We are here to plan your perfect trip, your part is to only pack your bags.