Situated in Central Equatoria, Juba city in South Sudan is one of the untapped cities on the African continent. Juba boasts of its spectacularly unique attractions and has plenty of experiences for tourists to enjoy.

Compared to some cities, Juba is one of the friendliest and fast growing cities in the world, lying along the banks of the Nile River in Africa. Its strategic location makes it an off-beaten track destination, besides being a vibrant commercial center in South Sudan.

Tourism activities to do in and nearby Juba city

Whitewater rafting

If you are looking, for that one challenging experience, then whitewater rafting should be a must do on South Sudan tour. The most challenging rafting a

ventures on the Nile River are perfectly experienced in South Sudan, besides Uganda. Whitewater rafting in South Sudan offers adventures a lifetime opportunity to challenge themselves with the toughest Nile rapids from Nimule up to Juba city. Adventure seekers navigate via areas with plenty of antelopes, crocodiles and hippos, etc.

There is a chance to make stop visits on the islands, watch interesting birds. While in Juba, visitors can be picked up and transferred to Fola waterfall in Nimule National Park. Whitewater rafting is a 8-km adventure involving conquering grade 4 rapids, perfect for experienced rafters.

Tour John Garang Mausoleum

Garang died from the helicopter crash while returning from Uganda. He had spearheaded the liberation movement which resisted the oppressive rule of the Sudanese government till the now South Sudan gained its independence. The mausoleum is set at the Avenue of Nations –this is where the country’s independence festivities are held. Garang was known by many as the father of South Sudan. At Mausoleum, there is photo of the former president and South Sudan’s flags. The tomb is strictly guarded and locked in a special enclosure.

Jebel Kabor Climbing

Rising up above the streets and houses of Juba city is a stunning Jebel Kabor hill. Hike up to the top of the hill and enjoy uninterrupted views of Juba city. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide and don’t to have a bottled drinking water.

Besides the Jebel Kabor Hill, there is also an option of hiking Imatong and Kinyeti mountains. Mt. Kinyeti rises at an altitude of 3187, and features as the highest peak in South Sudan. Imatong Mountains are remotely located at the border with Uganda and is South Sudan’s least visited mountain. Hiking this mountain is a perfect way to experience the pristine wilderness, forested slopes and also stand a chance to watch animals such as elephants, buffaloes, leopards which thrive in the Imatong Forest Reserve.

Visit the national parks of South Sudan

South Sudan is a spectacular country with some of Africa’s finest wilderness areas. A visit to South Sudan’s parks is a great opportunity to encounter the country’s diverse wildlife. The parks worth visiting on a tour in South Sudan include Boma National Park, 22800sq.km, located in Eastern part of the country. This park was created in 1986 and contains a huge concentration of mammals such as Nubian giraffes, grant’s gazelles, lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, Sudan cheetahs, white eared kobs and others.

Nimule National Park was established in 1954 and spans 410sq.km, featuring perennial rivers and seasonal streams. This park boasts of its picturesque landscape and holds large herds of elephants. Lantoto National Park, Bandingilo National Park, Southern National Park and Shambe National Park.

Tour Nyakuron cultural centre

A visit to Nyakuron cultural centre allows enthusiastic cultural travelers to explore and experience South Sudan’s distinct cultures, interact with locals and learn about their traditions, listen to inspirational stories, get entertained by the dances, and music performance, etc. This cultural center was set up in 1976 primarily to showcase South Sudan’s unique cultural heritage. It has a beautiful garden, outdoor stage, night club and others.

The All Saints Cathedral

All Saints Cathedral is Juba’s major Christian worship center and situated around Gombura and Lanya Street. Several influential people in Juba gather at this worship centre and each Sunday, there are 3 services conducted –English, Arabic and Zande.

Watch wrestling

Wrestling is one of the traditional sport activities in South Sudan. The participants challenge each other in front of a huge crowd of spectators. The winners get rewarded with cash/heads of cattle. This sport activity is often done during weekends.

Tour Dinka cattle camp/cattle market

The Dinka are South Sudan’ biggest tribe and also the most influential group in government. They are nomadic pastoralists, with cattle playing the most significant role, and considerably the main determinant of individual and families’ status. At the cattle market, you will be watching people as they bring their cattle for sale.

Where to stay

The available accommodation facilities to consider for a night stay in Juba include budget, midrange and luxury. The different hotels to book include Hotel VIP, Hotel ECS Guesthouse, Hotel Nile Resort and others.